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Suggestions for the server

on Sat 27 May - 11:29
Hey, I'm Shaheen from the Netherlands.

When I found out about this server, I litterly got a heartattack because I always wanted a H1Z1 lookalike game on gta san andreas.

And I really want to give very very big probs to the scripter who made this, and all of the mappings etc.

Anyhow, there are couple things where you guys could look to increase the the playerbase.

Try to do everything in english since that's a main language in the world, for example in the server are some words in english, but mixed up with french. And one of the commands for exampe is /admins, I've selected english but it all shows me in french, and there are many other things which do so.
Je parle non francaise, je suis hollandais. That's my best french lol.

And your banner on the forums is french too, try to do english in everything possible, that's my suggestion.

Aaaand, make a /proper/ youtube channel for the server, like one for ONLY KOBK

And as last.

BIG PROBS TO THE FUCKKING SCRIPTER <3 (and the staff team).
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Date d'inscription : 2017-05-27

Forgot to mention

on Sat 27 May - 11:45
Many items in game as french aswell.
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Re: Suggestions for the server

on Sat 27 May - 14:15
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Welcome Shaheen, thanks for the few advises !
The translation is still in progress, a meticulous work is made on it, we just need to be patient. I agree with the idea we should make the server the most english possible.
Nevertheless I hope you'll enjoy playing on KOBK :D
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Re: Suggestions for the server

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