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on Mon 19 Jun - 5:14
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Hi, i think we could gather more players by doing the following:

1- change/modify the server name.. like including H1Z1 in it.

example: .:KOBK |H1Z1 Battle Royal |Maj Training :.

why?: there are alot of people that dont know that this is H1Z1 server and surely they will come to play if they knew.

2- In the language you just have Francais. You should put Eng/Fr or English/Francais.

why?: English is the most spoken language and seeing only Francais in the language section may be ''intimidating'' for players to join. 

3- The creation of a facebook page/group and a youtube channel exclusive to the server so you and other players could access and to be easier to spread the server across the world Wink Razz.

This are just some simple ideas easy to make happen and in my opinion i think will make the server better, bigger, and maybe when the rip offs start this server could remain the TOP1 in this mode with a large player database.

Feel free to debate, 

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